[C#] OpenCVSharp tbb.dll

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Reported by jzh...@theranos.com, Jul 26, 2012
opencvsharp guru - 

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Download Sample-2.4-20120708.zip  and OpenCvSharp-2.4-x64-20120708.zip 

compile and run Sample-2.4-20120708

3. runtime exception 

@  using (IplImage img = new IplImage(Const.ImageYalta, LoadMode.Color))

An exception has occured because of p/invoke, Please check the following
1. OpenCV DLL files exist in the same directory as the executable file
2. Visual C++ Redistributable Package has been installed
3. the target platform (x86/64) of OpenCV dll files and opencvsharp is the same as your projects

Runtime evn

1.  Windows 7 64 bits. I have checked  - OpenCV DLL files (opencv_core240.dll, opencv_imgproc240.dll etc ) do exist in the same directory as the executable file

2. Visual studio 2010 with Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable  installed 

openCV DLLs  and OpenCVsharp dlls etc all are from 2 download zip

Please refer attached screenshot 

Thanks a lot

Aug 9, 2012
#3 ericsh...@gmail.com
Do you have tbb library set up in your environment? I had the exact same problem before and the problem was resolved when tbb is set up.
Sep 25, 2012
#4 saskia.g...@gmail.com
Make sure tbb.dll is also in the path, as opencv_core240.dll has a dependency on this. You can find tbb.dll under opencv/build/common/tbb.

[C#] JSON 이용하기

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[Node.js] Socket.IO Private Message

Node.js 2014.07.21 21:26


    io.sockets.sockets['nickname'] = socket.id;
    client.on("chat", function(data) {      
        var sock_id = io.sockets.sockets['nickname']
        io.sockets.sockets[sock_id].emit("private", "message");

io.sockets.sockets의 nickname 제거는 socket.on disconnect 에서 하면 됩니다.

출처는 아래와 같습니다.


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